Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Final Arrangements Are In Place

We are getting excited as God continues to prepare the way for our family.  I returned from Zambia on Jan 10th after spending several days finalizing several arrangements in Zambia.  God continues to bless and re-confirm His calling for our family.

I had a wonderful opportunity to meet with several of the Wiphan staff in Zambia and begin to foster those relationships.  I can attest that God is truly at work in the hearts of those serving Wiphan and it is thrilling to see the Kingdom work being done there.  The discipleship of staff and students of Wiphan continues to be a main focus the Lord has on our hearts.  We also look forward to other ways the Lord will use us at Wiphan and in our day to day living.  Thank you for your prayers for wisdom and continued clear day by day direction. 

One big change to note is our travel date has been moved back to March 3rd.  There were many factors we needed to consider before we made this change.  Travel complications with regard to an overnight layover in Toronto was the primary concern.  We plan to have 21 checked bags, plus our carry-on luggage.  An overnight stay would require us to retrieve our checked bags during the layover, take them to the hotel, and bring them back to the airport the next morning and recheck them.  It wasn’t an ideal situation with many young children.  In addition, we hit a few date hurdles with other final prep items, including our permanent house in Zambia, temporary housing, etc.  God truly blessed in this situation as He arranged details so it cost us almost nothing financially to change the flight date.  In fact, it may have saved us money in the long run, by changing dates/tickets.  We can only give Him the glory. 

Our housing situation was in limbo for a few months, but again, God has worked wonders in the situation.  When we arrive in Zambia in March, we will spend our first month in a fully furnished temporary home.  Around the first of April we will move into the permanent residence we have shared about.  The missionary family currently in that home is not able to leave Zambia until April, so the Lord put together some intermediate plans.  During my recent trip God truly blessed by providing the opportunity for us to rent the temporary, fully furnished home without the need to sign a long-term lease. 

The Lord has also provided a vehicle for our family, provided all final arrangements go through.  We found an older model van with relatively low miles.  The Lord brought this van to our attention several months ago.  It was still available while I was in Zambia, so I was able to drive it and meet the owner.   Interestingly, when I asked (both Zambians and expats) about the model/reliability and price, I learned the vehicle is a sought after one and the price was a good one.  In fact, two separate people mentioned they would be interested in purchasing if we decided not to.  I was further comforted to see the owner the day after I met her during a local church/worship service! 

We are eager to be where the Lord has called us and to begin building relationships and working with Wiphan.  We are also very mindful of our children’s and family’s needs and will likely take a few weeks to settle in and become familiar with our new surroundings.   We want to be sure our family is relatively adjusted and stable before we begin additional ministry. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement as we wind down our time in the US, and prepare to set foot on African soil in March! 


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